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In the last two weeks of 2013 I have found links of interest. The first link is a video of a talk showing that Obama is following the same Agenda as Hitler. It is easy to understand. But it does show us that we, as a nation, are headed away from God. Three videos about Obama are no longer available on the internet. All videos show the hand of Satan. These videos give us the knowledge of what we need to avoid in order to live a long, healthy and righteous life.

Politics you will not find on Mainstream Media

Obama is following the same agenda as did Hitler. Here is a talk by Kitty Werthmann who was in Austria when Hitler took over her country:

"Obama's Real Birth Certificate" has been deleted from internet.

"Obama's NWO connections" has been deleted from internet.

"New World Order" has been deleted from internet.

Dr Rima Laibow Interview ---
Exposing The Nazi Depopulation Agenda 21

NCF: Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! AGENDA 21 Red Alert!

Depopulation Agenda's from The UN, Agenda 21, CFR

New World Order Depopulation

The Tools of Global Population Reduction Exposed
--- Dr. Russel Blaylock

Lyndon LaRouche: Rapid Population Reduction Policy Implemented

Anonymous shows Illuminati 2014 --- The NWO

The New World Order Is Here 2014

America Will Collapse by 2016

Zach Taylor, Retired US Border Patrol Agent

Since the publication by the United Nations of Agenda 21, more then 20 years ago, the rate at which liberty is being destroyed has greatly increased. Indeed, our last four Presidents have all, by executive order, signed onto Agenda 21. I have been told that the main objectives of Agenda 21 are:

1: A one World Government with no borders between countries,

2: Destruction of U.S. currency and then an implementation of a World Currency controlled by and taxed by the United Nations,

3: A 90% depopulation of the United States and depopulation of most of the World.

President Obama and Congress are doing a remarkably good job keeping our Southern Border open. President Obama and the FED are doing a remarkably good job in making the dollar worthless. Depopulation is being accomplished with war, both external and internal, aggressive programs of sterilization and abortion implemented into Afordtable Health Care, toxic air, water, food and vaccines, nutrient deficient food, and food with the Epicyte Gene. Now the FDA wants to allow the use of 2,4-D, a main ingredient in Agent Orange, on our food products. A recipe for disaster.

Chemical Time Bomb --- 2,4D

And finally my comments on poisons already in most of our foods:

Of course all this is a very brief introduction to the path we are taking to a New World Order under a one World Government without the freedoms that we now have. Note that the New World Order Religion does not include Christ.

Way back in 1968 a teacher of medicine predicted the fall of the United States to a group of medical students. No one was allowed to record this meeting, no one was allowed to take notes. The following 4 hour video of three audio interviews of three students who did see the 1969 Prediction of a future United States. This video is most desturbing.

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